Welcome to The Art of Firefighting.  The Art of Firefighting is a philosophy of developing the complete firefighter through improvement in eight fundamental categories.  These eight categories represent the various aspects of the firefighting profession.  We feel that through the mastery of the eight categories, a firefighter will be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to protect the communities they have sworn to serve.

The Art of Firefighting website will serve as an information hub for firefighters with respect to the eight fundemental categories of a firefighter’s development.  We do not have all the answers on the specific way to go about mastering each category, but rather we want to supply firefighters with as many resources as possible to study and determine what avenue in each category fits them and their department best.  All information will be submitted, reviewed, and recommended by actual firefighters working in fire houses around the world.  The Art of Firefighting will allow firefighters to skip the long, sometimes very tedious process of searching the inter-webs for information.  Firefighters can come here and find direct links to the best information on the internet regarding the profession of firefighting specifically based around the eight fundamental categories.  Check the main page for the newest posts or go to the individual fundamental pages to find direct information regarding each category.   

We hope you enjoy the site and any feedback regarding the site, presented content, or ideas for future content is highly encouraged.  Send us an email or leave a comment in the comment field on the page.  Stay safe out on the streets and remember to continue to “Train the basics until the basics become advanced.”